HTML Beautifier

what is HTML Beautifier

An HTML Beautifier is a tool that formats and indents an HTML page so that it is easy to read and understand. if you are working with an HTML page that has a lot of code and you want to make it easier to read and understand, an HTML Beautifier tool can be useful. This is because the tool can automatically format and indent the code, which can make it much easier to read and understand. An HTML Beautifier tool can also be useful when you are trying to troubleshoot problems with an HTML page. By formatting and indenting the code, the tool can make it easier to identify any errors or problems, which can make it easier to fix those problems. Additionally, if you are sharing an HTML page with others, an HTML Beautifier tool can make the code easier for them to read and understand, which can be helpful if they need to make any changes or modifications to the page.

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